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You are driving home from Chateau Elán, where you had a wonderful time at a wine tasting event.  You look in your rearview mirror and see flashing lights. You pull over. How much wine did you drink? The police officer asks for your license and registration. Before you know it, the officer asks you to leave the car and take a field test to gauge the level of alcohol in your body.

What started out as a great night is turning very ugly, very quickly.

You have never been charged with DUI before and do not know where to turn.

In northern Georgia, you can turn to Gus McDonald.

Gus McDonald does things differently

Gus McDonald of the Cornelia, GA law firm of McDonald & Cody LLC is a maverick. You have to be when you defend those accused of driving under the influence. Only a lawyer who is willing and able to bring out the evidence to support your case and understand its implications can make a difference to shift the odds in your favor.

When Gus McDonald completes his cross-examination, the experts who are testifying against his clients are shocked at the depth of his knowledge.

Gus McDonald makes it his business to know your business. He listens closely to you. He keeps his nose to the grindstone. He knows what it takes to convince the court. And his adversaries know it. Over the years, he has developed an enviable reputation in the Georgia courts and has earned several peer recognition awards.

Gus McDonald goes the distance

McDonald says, "I wouldn't trade my drive to work with anyone in the state." He often drives more than 150 miles one way to represent a client throughout Georgia. He commits himself to the client and the cause. But physical distance is not the only proof of his dedication. DUI defense is in the details and McDonald rolls up his shirtsleeves to dig right in to find and then present the right evidence in your favor.

Get started now

If you have already been arrested on a drunk driving charge, there is no time to waste. The Georgia Department of Driver Services must receive your written request for a hearing within ten days of your arrest. Call Gus McDonald today and get started on your defense. In your free initial consultation, you can raise your concerns about your North Georgia DUI charges and answer the questions he needs to begin an exhaustive investigation of the facts concerning your case.

Get out of the box

Do not let a charge of drunk driving or driving under the influence box you in. Call Gus McDonald at the DUI law firm of McDonald & Cody LLC at 1-888-351-9459 today or contact him online to schedule your free initial consultation. Learn what a difference a maverick can make to protect your rights.